Brands and design in marketing

The 21st century is full of digital tools, created especially to ensure that marketing fulfills its role and takes the brands of our days further. It is also an era where the visual part is especially important, since the world in which we live offers us, in every nook and cranny, an infinite amount of visual stimuli.A look around is enough for us to realize that, from the facades of buildings, to the covers of magazines, to billboards and shop windows, everything is created and placed in a very specific way, to captivate people's attention and fill their days with the most appealing shapes, colors and ideas.Considering the importance of image for the companies of the century, it becomes very important to understand which visual aspects an online business should consider to strongly mark its position and make an impact on its target audience. Come discover some of the fundamental aspects to take a company further before the visual logics of today.

Logo: an image that identifies the brandThe

time to create a brand with a weak image and still be successful seems to be over. Today, with the logics of intense competition, to make a brand stand out from the others requires, without a doubt, a strong image.

More than creating an image for the company, it is necessary to ensure that they know the , to create an image that, besides visually strong, is current and captivating for the public of today.The logo is the image that will present the brand and make the public recognize it immediately. A strong bet on its design is fundamental for a brand to reach the public quickly, making its identification simpler and more direct.

Photographs and product images Whether

it is a personal blog, a website or an online store, the quality of the images used must, at all times, be appealing to those who visit the space and pass on a sense of familiarity and trust.Especially for those seeking to improve the sales of an online store, this aspect becomes fundamental, since the images presented are, in the background, the face of the store and its business card; immediately demonstrating the competence, care and concern of those who manage it. Besides all this, it is important to use images that have rights of use or images created by designers and web designers, since there are, even on the Internet, very strict policies regarding the copywright of this content.

Web design and navigationThe

design of the websites themselves is central to ensuring that everything runs to expectations.The websites and online spaces must be very simple to use and perfectly navigable and, in part, this is defined by the image created for the digital space.The colours, the contrasts, the placement of text and images... all this is part of the design and must be carefully thought out to become visually appealing.

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